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Randolph Firefighter CLOSE CALL caught on the Fire Helmet Camera

Emergency’s Randolph Mantooth At Fire-Rescue Med

I headed out again this year to Las Vegas for Fire-Rescue Med. I attended last year and found it well worth the trip. I really wanted to go again this year so I made sure I put in my training request early. I recommend EMS Personnel and Narcotics Tampering: Awareness and Prevention, interesting stuff. I saw Randolph Mantooth at the conference last year and am looking forward to seeing him again. Below is a nice interview with the actor by about the conference. AND NARCOTICS TAMPERING:ParamedicTV is powered by

New Fire Safety Management (FSM) Endorsement

The International Board for Certification of Safety Managers, also known as BCHCM, is proud to announce the new healthcare Fire Safety Management(FSM) designation. The FSM is a specialty endorsement designation to the existing Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) credential. The Board is also proud to announce the issuance of the first FSM designations to more than 20 healthcare professionals that passed the challenging FSM Exam. The new FSM designation can only be earned by those already holding the CHSP credential in good standing.The CHSP was founded in 1978. To date, more than...

Fire Rescue International (FRI) 2011

Fire-Rescue International will be held this year at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta from August 23-27. Exhibits will run from August 26-27. FRI is a great way to network with other departments and to find out about new products and technology.The FRI Expo will be open on Friday from 10:30-17:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00. This is where you can see new product launches and check out the latest upgrades to current equipment. There will be a Technology Pavilion and a Health and Wellness Pavilion.Co-located events include the National Society of Executive Fire Officer’s...

Free Firefighter Blogger Template

Free Firefighter Blogger Template I made the template intothefire for WordPress a while back and it is really starting to catch on. There a quite a few sites on the web using the template. I decided to share the love with the Blogger blogs as well. I have made a new template using my hazmat training picture for Blogger. The pictures are hosted on Picasa, but I am also including them in the zip file if you would like to host them yourself. You will just need to change the links. Feel free to use and share this template, and please help me out by leaving my link in the footer. Thanks and enjoy. Demo hereDownload hereGet the...

The Sims 3 Ambitions – firefighter career

I have been really busy and have not even looked at the Sims2 in ages. I was glad to see the the people at EA finally let users in the Sims 3 be able to become a firefighter in the game. I have not played it yet, but here is a look at the job in a video from SimPrograms.

Download Free Firefighter WordPress Theme

Download Free Firefighter WordPress Theme This is my first attempt at making a WordPress theme, with some help from my wife. I have been looking all over for something that resembled a firefighter theme, but could not find anything close or free. ecently my wife has been having a lot of problems with her website because she kept downloading free WordPress templates only to find out that they did not work correctly. We finally decided to pay the $49 for Artisteer which is a software that lets you make your own templates. It is really easy to use. She made a couple the other day and asked me if I wanted to make some fire themes for my...

Fire Resistant Firefighter T Shirts

I never really talk much about where I work on the blog, but I will give you a little clue. My wife and I went to the Annual Marine Corps Ball last night and had a great time. It was good because it made me get my patches up to date on my dress uniform. I did not make any arrangements to sit with anyone particular at dinner so we ended up at a table with a nice family who by chance was involved in the production of textile products that are fire resistant. In particular their company was working on a line of fire resistant firefighter T’s.I thought this was pretty interesting and we talked...

Engine #4 The Pride of Wilson

Engine #4 The Pride of Wilson I really love a lot of things. Two of them are old fire engines and trading patches. I met a firefighter the other day from the Wilson Fire Department in CT.  I did not have a chance to get a lot of information on the department and when I looked it up on the internet I did not find much either.  The interesting part about the department is that they have a functioning  1901 Amoskeag  steam engine.  I found a little bit of information from the Connecticut Historical Society and the Connecticut Fire Museum.In the picture below: The new propeller, No. 4, extra size Amoskeag, known as the Pride...

StageIT: Build Your Own Training Simulations

I am always browsing around the web looking at different fire simulations, because you know you can never train too much. I ending up on the StageIT web page the other day. They had a link to a news story about a Searcy, AR department that is using their Emergency Response Simulator and I attached the video below. The system looks like it lets you build lots of different exercises because you can select different scenarios as you go along. The one thing I thought was interesting was that according to the news clip you can take a digital photo of any building in your area and input it into...

Magnetic Door Chock for Firefighters

I came across this website the other day by accident. A firefighter/paramedic has designed a magnetic chock that covers the strike plate of a door to keep the door from latching. The magnets are placed so the chock works on both residential and commercial doors. The chock also has cut-outs so it can be used to prop the door open. I have added the video below so you can see how the chock works. It looks pretty interesting, but I have not used it. It looks like it could help speed search and rescue time by allowing you to chock the door open and not having...

Firefighting Robot

Firefighting Robot I found these pictures of a firefighting robot at Hacked Gadgets. The Brazilian company ARMTEC has created this firefighting robot. The SACI (Incidents Support Combat System) robot brings the firehose directly into the fire or sprays water or foam from 60 meters. The robot can work for 3 hours before it needs a recharge.

Fire Engine Driving Experience

Fire Engine Driving Experience Have you ever wanted to drive a fire engine? Of course you have or maybe you already do but would like to drive a European model. I found this website the other day that offers driving experiences.Spend an hour with an experienced instructor and firefighter, learn how to manoeuvre, safely and quickly, around a specially laid out course including top gear main roads, roundabouts, T- junctions, slaloms, garages etc. To make things as realistic as possible the vehicle will be carrying a full equipment load and carrying 2 tons of water, plenty to go at with the hose!Locations: Lincolnshire...

Fire Extinguisher Training Digital Simulator

HotShot’s self-generating digital flames respond directly to the trainee’s actions. Using BullEx’s™ compressed air and water SmartExtinguishers™, users interact dynamically with HotShot’s digital fire.

AutoSim’s Fire Truck Simulator

This video shows AutoSim’s Fire Truck Simulator. The movie features one of many scenarious you can take part in. This simulator is a full scale fire truck driving simulator. It runs in real time using the latest in simulation technology.

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