2021 Pierce Mid-Mount Ascendant

Dublin Fire Brigade Engine

Dublin Fire Brigade has 15 stations 11 of which are fulltime.

Command Structure:
The responsibilities of each are only a very brief description as there are many areas such as control room, training, specialist vehicles etc. which are not outlined here.
Also the more senior an officer the more responsibility they have with regard to running the brigade. Third officers and above work 9-5 hours and are on call for serious fires / incidents.
Rank Responsibility Number
Chief Fire Officer In charge of whole the brigade. 1
Assistant C.F.O. In charge of Fire, Ambulance, Admin etc. 5
Third Officer In charge of a district on all watches. Also a management function 9
District Officer In charge of several stations on one watch. 28 (approx.)
Station Officer In charge of one station on one watch 60 (approx.)
Sub-Officer In charge of second appliance in a two pump station. Control room duty in HQ 56 (approx.)
Firefighter At the coal face of all incidents. Operates ambulances and control room 600+ (approx.)