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New Fire Safety Management (FSM) Endorsement

The International Board for Certification of Safety Managers, also known as BCHCM, is proud to announce the new healthcare Fire Safety Management
(FSM) designation. The FSM is a specialty endorsement designation to the existing Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) credential. The Board is also proud to announce the issuance of the first FSM designations to more than 20 healthcare professionals that passed the challenging FSM Exam. The new FSM designation can only be earned by those already holding the CHSP credential in good standing.

The CHSP was founded in 1978. To date, more than 3,200 healthcare professionals have earned the credential. Our credential holders come from a variety of healthcare backgrounds including safety, life safety, nursing, hazardous materials, allied health, environmental services, emergency management, facility management, risk management, security, and consulting. The Board recognizes the contributions the CHSP personnel make by coordinating and promoting sound safety practices at their facilities on a daily basis. Their efforts help protect patients, visitors, contractors, and staff members. The development of the FSM designation demonstrates our Board's continuing commitment to the discipline of healthcare safety.

The Board also offers credentials in healthcare emergency preparedness and patient safety. The Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) credential, established in 2008, continues to grow at a steady pace. The Certified Patient Safety Officer (CPSO) credential celebrated its fifth year anniversary earlier this year. To earn the Fire Safety Management (FSM) designation, a candidate must provide the Board with a current application. CHSP holders in good standing are not required to submit any other supporting documents with the application. However, each FSM Candidate must also pay an Examination Fee of $150. The Board has temporarily waived the $125 Application Fee for the FSM program.

The FSM exam focuses on the following topics: (1) fire safety fundamentals; (2) NFPA codes and standards; (3) accreditation standards; (4) facility fire and life safety issues; (5) healthcare fire hazards; and (6) governmental and voluntary standards. The examination contains 100 multiple choice items. James T. Tweedy, Executive Director, commenting about the new designation, says, "The Board strongly believes that the Fire Safety Management (FSM) endorsement to the CHSP illustrates our commitment to our mission of upgrading the healthcare safety profession."

For Information: http://www.chcm-chsp.org