2021 Pierce Mid-Mount Ascendant

The National Fire Dog Monument Arson Dog

The National Fire Dog Monument was created to recognize the incredible contributions that accelerant detection canines (arson dogs) make in keeping communities safe. These dogs do not ask for anything in return after risking their lives to reduce the negative impact of arson in their communities.

The life size bronze monument depicts a firefighter looking down at his canine partner who in turn is looking up at his partner ready to work. Entitled "From Ashes to Answers", this incredible monument was sculpted by 22 year old artist and Colorado firefighter, Austin Weishel.
The bronzing process is being completed by BRONZE SERVICES FINE ART FOUNDRY in Loveland, CO.

The monument will travel from Denver, CO to Washington D.C. for placement at D.C. Fire Station #3 where the general public will be able to view it. The National Fire Dog Monument "road show" is co-sponsored by State Farm and the American Humane Association. The monument will be stopping at state capitals along the way to D.C. as a way to recognize the contributions of first responders and their canine partners.