2021 Pierce Mid-Mount Ascendant

San Diego FD Ladder 29

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department has four types of aerial truck apparatus: Service Aerial, Tractor-Trailer, Ladder Tower and Elevating Platform or Snorkle. Service Aerial and Tractor-Trailer consist of a straight three or four section ladder in lengths of 75 to 100 feet. A Ladder Tower consists of a heavy duty four-section telescoping ladder and a passenger-carrying platform. An elevating platform or snorkel is an apparatus that consists of a hydraulicly operated articulating boom with a passenger platform or basket.

All truck companies carry an assortment of tools and equipment. Some of which may include 163 feet or more of ground ladders, rescue equipment, including the "Jaws of Life," generators, lights, smoke ejectors, salvage and overhaul equipment. Although trucks do not have water tanks, they can be adapted to provide water streams from 600-1500 gallons per minute with the assistance of an engine and a fire hydrant.

The primary tasks of a truck company are search and rescue, salvage, ventilation, securing utilities and overhaul (clean-up crew).

SD Fire 29 SY 1-11-13, a photo by THE Holy Hand Grenade! on Flickr.