2021 Pierce Mid-Mount Ascendant

China Lake Fire Engine 212

Fire and Emergency Services are provided by the China Lake Federal Fire Department (CLFD) who fall under and are governed by Navy Region Southwest Federal Fire and Emergency Services.

The CLFD's mission is to prevent loss of life, injury to personnel, and damage to Government property resulting from fires and other emergencies.
All CLFD personnel are trained to meet Department of Defense fire and emergency training certifications. They also maintain appropriate medical certifications commensurate to services provided.
Aboard China Lake, CLFD provides the following services:
Fire Fighting
Emergency Medical Services
Aircraft Crash and Rescue
Weapons Testing Fire Support
Hazardous Materials Response
Wildland Fire Fighting
Fire Prevention and Education

CLFD also provides mutual aid fire fighting services to Kern County Fire Department (KCFD) and the State of California when needed, as well as Federal Aviation Administration airport certification training for KCFD.

a photo by Averain