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Cumberland County Fire NC

By: Tom Hannigan - CC BY 2.0

Fall River - Rt 24 NB @ Exit 5 - Gasoline tanker

By: Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection - CC BY 2.0 Fall River - Rt 24 NB @ Exit 5 - Gasoline tanker 1/27/2014 – 08:38 UPDATE MassDEP Southeast Regional Office Emergency Response (SERO-ER) is currently on scene at a gasoline tanker accident/fire. The area of the accident is within a Surface Water Supply Protection Zone (North Watuppa Pond). The areas of the accident contains wetland areas, potential vernal pools, and a stream (Terry Brook). It is unknown at this time if there is fuel impact to Terry Brook or North Watuppa Pond. SERO-ER has engaged our on-call cleanup contractor as a backup

A ladder truck at Lake County, FL

By: Sam Howzit - CC BY 2.0 A ladder truck at Lake County, FL Fire Station.

Hardinsburg City Fire Department

By: Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office - CC BY 2.0 Staff Sgt. Thomas Moses and Staff Sgt. Jason Scharf identified the two carbon monoxide poisoning victims today during wellness checks conducted in conjunction with Darren Voyles, a firefighter with the Hardinsburg City Fire Department. (Photo by Tech. Sgt. Dennis Flora / KyANG)