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Monaghan Fire Station Ireland

Monaghan Town Station - Monaghan HQ. Monaghan Fire Authority covers a broad range of functions ranging from Fire & Rescue service to Fire Prevention and Building Control. Monaghan Fire Authority is responsible for: Fire fighting and rescue services Community fire safety Technical fire prevention services Major emergency planning Building Control Civil Defence Overall Management and Administration of the Service, Fire Prevention and certain Building Control functions are carried out by Fire Officers and Administrative staff. The aim of our service is; To prevent the occurrence of fire, to protect life and property throughout the county. To promote safer communities by preventing accidents and emergencies from happening as well as protecting people and the environment from danger. To have all buildings designed and constructed in such a manner that they provide an easily accessible, energy efficient and safe haven for all people who use them

CFD Engine 124

CFD is the largest fire department in the midwest, and one of the nation's largest departments throughout the United States. It's also one of the oldest major organized fire departments, established before 1833. By: Arvell Dorsey - CC BY 2.0

Seagrave Fire Apparatus, LLC, Donates Mural to Decorate Fire Departmentof New York New Squad Company 61 Pumper

Clintonville, Wis. (February 7, 2014) – At the time New York City was recovering from the aftermath of the tragedy at the World Trade Center, Seagrave Fire Apparatus, LLC (Seagrave), its employees and suppliers, along with support from the community donated a 1000 GPM pumper to the citizens of New York. The fire apparatus was decorated with a mural, donated by the men and women of Seagrave, to serve as a tribute to the fallen firefighters of 9-11-2001. The mural features an eagle and the words Never Forget against a backdrop of an American flag. Squad Company 61, in the Bronx, was home for the rig. It responded to more than 40,000 alarms, special events and countless daily routines and duties during the past ten years. Each time, it safely returned its members to the firehouse. It is not uncommon for citizens and tourists to knock on the firehouse door and ask if the rig could be pulled out so they could see in person what they had only seen in photos or on the internet. “It is w

Scania P320 Stroud, UK

By: BazzaDaRambler - CC BY 2.0 Scania P320 Stroud, UK